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Q: Do brokers charge more for insurance?

A: The insurance premium charged to you, the customer, does not change if you go through an Insurance Broker. Your Broker is there to insure that you receive the best possible coverage and service, through one of the many competitive Insurance Companies they represent. Compensation paid to the Broker does not come out of your pocket – it is paid by the Insurance Company. You can rest at ease that you will not be paying a penny more through your Broker, even though you will be provided excellent customer service and care.

Q: Do I get a discount if I have more than one insurance policy?

A: Some insurance companies offer multi-policy discounts that, when applied to a policy, may greatly reduce any additional premiums paid by a policy holder. Your broker will know what discounts you qualify for and will then make sure you receive them.

Q Does everyone need life insurance?

A: Life Insurance will benefit the caregiver’s dependents after they have passed on. If you have no dependents, you probably don’t need life insurance. Here’s the rule of thumb – if the absence of your income will substantially affect the well-being of your family and cause financial hardship, life insurance is a good idea.

Q: How does the points system affect my insurance rates?

A: The points system is used to track your insurance record. All types of infractions including traffic violations and parking tickets are assigned a certain number of points. If you are guilty of an infraction, points will be added to your driving record. When you have a certain number of points on your driving record, your insurance rates will rise.

Q: Do I need a professional advisor to handle my insurance account?

A: Just as you would trust your financial planner to provide professional advice, you can trust your Insurance Broker to ensure that you receive comprehensive and proper coverage. Each insurance risk is unique and varies from customer to customer. Your Insurance Broker is your professional advisor who is always ready to take on any and all roles related to your insurance requirements.

Q: Do insurance companies really care about their clients?

A: Consumers often think that Insurance Companies do not care enough about their customers to make an effort to satisfy their needs. That is definitely not the case for Insurance Companies represented by Brokers, who take the time to understand and always act in the best interest of their customers. Even if you move and/or expand, your Broker will move and/or expand with you.

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